Team Built: January 2013 Update

The base section of the newest mini[ ]box concept was successfully completed in December. The design allows for interchangeable units to be easily loaded and unloaded for an installation. Fully assembled mini[ ]box can be used on or off the transport trailer. Currently, various experimental units are being designed to be fabricated this year. If interested in both design and fabrication process, please contact us.

Every step in designing and fabricating [ ]box is a team process.

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First Build!

The development had their first Build session on 11/17/12 at the Albus Cavus workshop. We picked up a utility trailer a few weeks before and now need to prepare it for the mini [ ] Box (see previous post for more info). The team was able to cut the steel tubes into the correct lengths and start to weld them onto the frame.

Agustina, Patrick, & Peter discussing changes to the design.

Peter with the welding torch.

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mini [ ] Box design is released!

Above is the concept for the mini [ ] Box. It’s a more mobile version of the original concept. It can be transported by any vehicle with a hitch to offer greater flexibility and accessibility to tools for temporary installations. This will compliment the original concept.

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Good People, Gardens, Tiny House, Portable Community Center

Sunday was a wonderful day to spend in a park that is being converted into community gardens. We have had a chance to meet hundreds of folks who came to Wangari Gardens to meet fellow community gardeners, tour Tumbleweed Tiny House and learn more about [|||]box. Thank you all for ideas, support and insightful discussions that help us design this user-friendly space that will respond to everyone’ needs.

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Repurposing Space

The DC Box Collective, Wangari Gardens and Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, bring you ‘Repurposing Space’, a showcase of three ways local organizations are working to reuse vacant or underutilized land in the District. The event will take place Sunday, April 15th, Noon-5pm @ Wangari Gardens. The gardens are located west of the Washington Hospital Center/Children’s Medical Center, bordered by Irving St. NW, Kenyon St. NW, and Park Pl. NW [map]. A minimum $5 contribution. All proceeds to benefit the sponsoring organizations.

Wangari Gardens is a newly planned community garden space, orchard, rain garden, and community grounds located on 2.7 acres. The DC Box Collective is working on adapting used shipping containers to fit the needs of under-resourced District neighborhoods. Tumbleweed Tiny Houses have been one of the earliest promoters of tiny home living, and have inspired plans for a DC tiny house alley community launching this summer. On site will be a model of the Tumbleweed Fencl, a 130 square foot tiny home on wheels perfectly suited for infilling urban backyard or alley spaces. Visitors are encouraged to come learn firsthand about all three exciting initiatives.

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[ ]box in Howard University curriculum

On Monday, February 6, Howard University students presented their designs of [art]box designed specifically for selected artists from the exhibit titled 30 Americans. Under guidance of their professor Barbara Laurie, the students have developed concepts for three vacant lots in Washington, DC. This wonderful exercise has produced original and exciting concepts for utilizing [ ]box in community setting. Photo by Mike Smith.

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Thank you for your support!

The fund raising event at RTKL was a great success. Thank you all who came and supported the project financially, by donating food and refreshments, making T-Shirts and bags or by bringing music and god atmosphere to this fine Saturday afternoon. It was truly a community event that would not happen without your support.

It was great to present the first 3D model of the proposed structure. The goal is to build a portable and transformable tool from recycled cargo containers for art making, bicycle repair, community workshops, gardening and any other needs of modern urban society.

For more photos from the event, click here…

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“PARTY BOX” Fundraiser, October 8th!

A fundraiser event to support . For more details about the event and to purchase tickets:


DATE: Saturday, October 8th, 2011
TIME: 4pm – 7pm
LOCATION: 2101 L Street NW, WDC
Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

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Meet with Georgia Ave Community Development Task Force – July 11th

Monday, June 11th AFH + Albus Cavus presented [Art] Box to the Georgia Ave Community Development Task Force. Georgia Ave Task Community Development Task Force is a grassroots organization co-founded by Slyvia Robinson and Darren Jones. The organization formed out of need for DC’s Ward is 1A and 1B residents to monitor and take part in the neighborhood’s growth and development. It is composed of community residents, dc council members, business owners, and community organization leaders.
AFH + Albus Cavus gave an overview of the development of the [Art] Box and how it can serve the community. Feedback was very positive. Several attendees expressed an interest in how the box could help enhance different regions in their community.
AFH + Albus Cavus plan on having future presentations to the task force to keep them updated and gain more feedback.

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Open Walls Paint Workshop at Garfield Park – May 8th

Members of Architecture for Humanity design team participated in the Albus Cavus Open Walls program to not only to have some fun but also to study how the Open Walls program operates through hands on experience.  The workshop was located off of Garfield Park underneath the 395 Expressway.  As we walked to the site, some of the kids had rsvp for the workshop in advance while the remaining (possibly majority) were kids from the nearby play area and skate park who were curious about what we were doing.  Albus Cavus openly allowed for all to participate.  There were three artists who were able to share some techniques with the participants of the workshop.

The Architecture for Humanity team members enjoyed the experience.  It was great for them to work with the kids and together was able to make a collaborative piece of public art.  Attached are a few photos from the event.

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