Open Walls Paint Workshop at Garfield Park – May 8th

Members of Architecture for Humanity design team participated in the Albus Cavus Open Walls program to not only to have some fun but also to study how the Open Walls program operates through hands on experience.  The workshop was located off of Garfield Park underneath the 395 Expressway.  As we walked to the site, some of the kids had rsvp for the workshop in advance while the remaining (possibly majority) were kids from the nearby play area and skate park who were curious about what we were doing.  Albus Cavus openly allowed for all to participate.  There were three artists who were able to share some techniques with the participants of the workshop.

The Architecture for Humanity team members enjoyed the experience.  It was great for them to work with the kids and together was able to make a collaborative piece of public art.  Attached are a few photos from the event.

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