Meet with Georgia Ave Community Development Task Force – July 11th

Monday, June 11th AFH + Albus Cavus presented [Art] Box to the Georgia Ave Community Development Task Force. Georgia Ave Task Community Development Task Force is a grassroots organization co-founded by Slyvia Robinson and Darren Jones. The organization formed out of need for DC’s Ward is 1A and 1B residents to monitor and take part in the neighborhood’s growth and development. It is composed of community residents, dc council members, business owners, and community organization leaders.
AFH + Albus Cavus gave an overview of the development of the [Art] Box and how it can serve the community. Feedback was very positive. Several attendees expressed an interest in how the box could help enhance different regions in their community.
AFH + Albus Cavus plan on having future presentations to the task force to keep them updated and gain more feedback.

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