Our process involves the Development, Design and Community components.  Without each of these integral pieces, wouldn’t be able to take its full potential.

From the point of early manifestation, the team defined that the project would need to be flexible and take on a phased approach in regards to its development.  This approach would allow for small initial investments to make things happen.  As the local needs expand, critical mass increases and funds are made more available, each can grow accordingly.

In concurrence to the phased approach, there is a process from the early realization of communal need to the utilization of to the post analysis and assessment to ensure the each is adapting and operating to its full potential.

You have an Open Space

Within urban metropolitan areas, there are inherently vacant lots of land distributed throughout.  The existence of these lots are due to varying factors and the severity of the situation differs from city to city.   aims to make positive use of the vacant lots through a temporal medium.  As the city grows and changes, are able to relocate or adapt as needed.

Urban Site Benefits

  • Activates abandoned, blighted, inexpressive spaces through art and social interaction.
  • Urban beautification through litter removal, landscaping and property improvements.
  • Forms a network of creativity hubs.

We Have A Box

The design team had defined the following criteria essential for  to be successful in achieving its mission:

Essential Design Criteria

  • Aesthetically pleasing and receptive to the community.
  • Sustainable and self sufficient.
  • Accommodating of the varying programmatic needs.

The following are the major design innovations incorporated into the project:

Design Innovations

  • Modularity
  • Mobility – The project will have minimal site impact.
  • Secured environment – Including openings and entry ways
  • Light weight construction
  • Local cost effective materials – Starting with the reuse a recycled container as the main structure and exterior skin.
  • Flexible multi-use spaces (indoor and outdoor)
  • Environmentally responsible design and structure.

Together we can make a difference

The along with the ‘Open Walls’ program can provide benefits to the Community such as:

Community Benefits

  • Urban beautification
  • Building healthy community relationships
  • Offers diverse programming, flexible uses to address community needs.
  • Innovative architecture and design
  • Pilot for other applications: humanitarian applications
  • Location for educational and activity for the youth. It can respond to DC’s recent Summer Youth Program funding cuts.

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