Our first project prototype, ,  will integrate Albus Cavus’ successful Open Walls program.  Open Walls aims to improve the urban streetscape through transforming inexpressive, blighted walls into public art through community participation.

is slated to be located on the corner of Barry Place and Sherman Ave., Washington, DC 20001.  Currently, the site is vacant due to a fire that occurred some time ago.  Sherman Ave has been undergoing a  Streetscape Project in which the aim is to improve pedestrian safety & access, reduce travel lanes, utility upgrades and beautification of the street by adding tree boxes along the center median.  The “Funky and Fabulous Fleamarket” moved over to 2500 Sherman Ave, north of the project site, since the end of June 2011.  would compliment these improvements by integrating and fostering a community component.

Who will benefit?

Those that will benefit most from the project will be the local community members.  Per 2010 population data, the project site’s neighborhood cluster had a population of 10,000 residents.  The project will be able to offer both direct and indirect benefits to the residents of the neighborhood cluster of Howard University, Ledriot Park and Cardozo/Shaw.